The Juice Products Association
Official Statement
About the Safety of Apple Juice

Toxicologist Gail Charnley, Ph.D., answers questions about apple juice safety.

Apple juice is a safe and nourishing beverage for people of all ages.   Reports about arsenic in apple juice are misleading and may needlessly cause concern among consumers.  Arsenic is found in the soil, water and air and therefore it is found in very low, harmless levels in many naturally sourced foods and beverages.   

The results of tests for arsenic in apple juice that were shared by the Dr. Oz Show with the Juice Products Association should not be interpreted as fact.  Subsequent testing of the same lots of juice from two of the named brands, using an appropriate method for testing arsenic levels in juice, found significantly lower levels of arsenic, all well under any FDA level of concern. 

The results reported on the Dr. Oz program were based upon a test method intended for use with water.  The U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has a specific method for testing fruit juice because juice contains many more naturally occurring compounds than water.    In addition, to compare the trace levels of arsenic in apple juice to the regulatory guidelines for drinking water is not appropriate because regulatory agencies have set lower thresholds for drinking water than for food and other beverages because people consume larger amounts of water.  

Safety and quality are the top priorities for U.S. juice producers.  Juice producers comply with federal regulations requiring that companies evaluate their processes, ingredients and packaging to ensure food safety.   In addition, the FDA conducts sampling of juice and juice concentrates and based on that data has found no safety concerns in apple juice.  The juice industry also does its own testing to ensure its products meet or exceed government guidelines and are safe for consumers to enjoy.

The members of the Juice Products Association are committed to providing safe and nutritious fruit juice products.